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Animal Stoppers

Stop Damage on Contact.

A full line of liquid and granular repellents that stop damage on contact, safely and effectively.  Whether you have squirrels in your bird feeders, a neighbor's cat in your flower bed, snakes curling up by your air conditioning unit, deer using your landscaping for their nightly feeding, moles ruining your turf or even rodents nesting under your car hood, we have the right Animal Stopper product for you.  

From mice to moose, we stop them all.


Animal Stopper

Liquid and granular products that stop damage caused by armadillo, beavers, gophers, groundhogs, rabbits, raccoons, skunks and woodchucks.

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Dog & Cat Stopper

Liquid and granular products that stop indoor and outdoor damage caused by most dog and cat breeds without causing pain or harm to them.

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Mole & Vole Stopper

Granular products that stop tunneling and foraging damage caused by moles, voles and shrews.

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Rodent Stopper

Liquid products that stops indoor and outdoor foraging, nesting and entry damage caused by mice, rats and other rodents.

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Deer Stopper

Ready-to-use and concentrate products that stop damage caused by deer, moose, elk and related animals.  Available in two unique formulas, original Deer Stopper and Deer Stopper II, that may be used alone or rotated month to month as needed.

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Goose Stopper

Concentrate products that stop damage caused by ducks, geese and other web footed birds.

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Reptile Stopper

Granular products that stop entry, nesting and damage caused by snakes and reptiles.

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Squirrel Stopper

Liquid products that stops indoor and outdoor foraging, nesting and entry damage caused by squirrels and chipmunks.

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To see the full line of Messinas lawn and garden products, including all of our animal repellents, herbicides, fertilizers and pest control lines, click here.

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