Jim Messina, Sr. begins to test his first deer repellent formula in Chester, NJ as customers to his Country Nursery complain about a new problem plaguing their landscapes.  Success soon follows and he earns his first patent and trademarks the Deer Stopper® name.
With the help of word of mouth from happy customers, Jim's repellent business, known as Landscape Plus, grows to more than 1,000 properties in northern New Jersey.  The needs and potential of the business becomes a full time job, enabling Jim to sell the nursery and focus on the repellent business full time.  He continues to patent new deer repellent formulations and receives supportive research support from Cornell University, Auburn University and many others from across the country.



James Messina, Jr. joins the family business with the goal of transitioning the service business into a manufacturer so that his father's products can help more people in more areas across the country.  The new company name, Big Bucks Enterprises, is introduced as an homage to the very animals that started the business.  Goose Stopper® is introduced.
Big Bucks Enterprises begins selling their first consumer sizes of Deer Stopper and Goose Stopper to the public. Attendance at trade shows from Boston to Atlanta and to Dallas help to spread the word of the products and introduce gardeners, landscapers and retailers to a new technology in the repellent space: the first pleasant scented products to successfully repel target pests and not the people who use them.



After years of use on their personal garden, PLOTSAVER® is unveiled as the first ever perimeter deer repellent fence system; capable of keeping deer, moose, elk and related species out of entire blocks of land for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods like high fence. Farmers and hunters alike are quick to realize the potential of the PLOTSAVER system and it is quickly adopted as a revolutionary and trustworthy tool.
In an effort to separate the company from the growing number of one-off repellent companies in the market, Big Bucks Enterprises evolves their product packaging and is the first company to release a portfolio of repellents in an effort to bring legitimacy to the category.  Armadillo Stopper®, Groundhog Stopper®, Mole Stopper®, Mosquito Stopper™, Rabbit Stopper® and Squirrel Stopper® are added.



With the growing success of the Animal Stopper products, the company changes its name to Messina Wildlife Management and evolves the product packaging once again. The line is extended to cover domestic animals with Dog & Cat Stopper® and granular products are added to the mix.
Messina Wildlife Management brings their brand national with their float in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade and a stock partnership with exposure to both the NASCAR and ARCA racing series audiences.



As the company makes the move to their first product line outside of repellents with the introduction of Seedlingers® plant health tools, including liquid and granular fertilizers and plantable pots, another name change shortens things to MESSINAS.  


On the heels of the success of Seedlingers, MESSINAS sets out on the most ambitious product launch in the company's history with PULVERIZE® Weed Killers.  Kickstarted with a $1,000,000 give away, more than 5,000 retailers bring the line in, making it the most successful launch in lawn & garden in years.


To meet the growing interest from the international marketplace, MESSINAS unveils new packaging to specifically address foreign needs under the name ALIAGRA® Products. 
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