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Plotsaver System


Keep More of What You Grow

The patented Plotsaver deer barrier system is a revolutionary tool for protecting food plots, crops, orchards, reforestation areas, nursery stock and all other growing areas from deer, moose, elk, axis and other related species.  The Plotsaver system features a reusable barrier ribbon treated with the Plotsaver deer repellent to create a powerful physical and sensory barrier that will deter axis, elk, moose and other deer from crossing.



The Plotsaver Starter Kit comes with 1,320' of ribbon and one quart of repellent.  This kit will protect up to two acres of fields for up to 100 days.  For larger areas, shop for additional material, using the chart below for proper calculations. 

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Plotsaver repellents are available in a number of concentrated sizes ranging from quarts to 55g drums.  Each bottle makes ten times the size in ready to use material.  One gallon will make ten gallons and cover 20,000 linear feet of ribbon.

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Complete or expand your Plotsaver system with individual ribbons, stakes, clips and applicators.  Whether you want to create a food plot with the intent of growing bigger wildlife or want to prevent unwanted foraging in reforestation or agricultural area, the Plotsaver system is the perfect tool to protect your investment. 

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Area vs. perimeter

The blocks pictured here demonstrate how supplies are determined. Notice that a two acre plot does not  require twice as much material as a one acre plot, since the center does not need to be protected. The area of the two acre plot is twice as large while the perimeter is only one and a half times as long.

1 Acre Plot


44,100 sq. ft.

840 linear ft.

2 Acre Plot

88,200 sq. ft.

1,320 linear ft.

up to


Maximum 1,320 Linear Feet

Components needed

1 - 1,320' Plotsaver ribbon

1 - Quart Plotsaver Repellent

60 - Fiberglass Stakes

60 - Stake Clips

up to


Maximum 2,640 Linear Feet

Components needed

2 - 1,320' Plotsaver ribbon

2 - Quart Plotsaver Repellent

90 - Fiberglass Stakes

90 - Stake Clips

up to

16 acres

Maximum 3,960 Linear Feet

Components needed

3 - 1,320' Plotsaver ribbon

3 - Quart Plotsaver Repellent

120 - Fiberglass Stakes

120 - Stake Clips

up to

25 acres

Maximum 5,280 Linear Feet

Components needed

4 - 1,320' Plotsaver ribbon

1 - Gallon Plotsaver Repellent

180 - Fiberglass Stakes

180 - Stake Clips

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