Pulverize® Weed Killer for Lawns uses the active ingredient iron to selectively control/supress broadleaf weeds growing in lawns.  Dogs, pets and people can enter the area after product has dried.   Works fast, even in cold weather, and results will be seen in hours.


Before you use: Shake well before each use.  Do not dilute.

How to use: Thoroughly spray weeds.  Use a coarse nozzle setting to reduce drift.  Repeat treatments in 3 to 4 wees for best results.

What will I see?  Works quickly; dying weeds will be seen within hours of application.  Treated weeds, moss or algae will turn brown or black.  Occassionally a darkening of the grass leaf blades can occur after treatment, however the grass will recover within a few days to weeks.  May stain thatch (dead grass under lawns); this does not effect the health of the grass.

Pulverize Weed Killer for Lawns, 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use with Nested Trigger

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