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Seedlingers Fertilizer


Any Plant.  Any Weather.  In Any Condition.™

Seedlingers Universal Plant Food has been created to help you reach the gardening goals you never knew you had.  It takes a lot for science to make something this advanced appear so simple.  We've designed these's products to perform well enough to impress advanced gardeners, and easy enough to use so that beginners can't fail.  

Grow something beautiful, yourself.™

Seedlingers Universal Plant Food

Seedlingers Universal Plant Food® is an all-purpose plant food designed to help develop strong roots and healthy plants, resulting in heartier plant material and increased flower and fruit production.  This organic hybrid product uses the best of traditional and organic ingredients to deliver the right amount of plant based nutrients at critical growing times, without ingredients found in other products like manures, feathers or other animal by products.

Available in Ready to Use and Concentrated Sizes

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